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10 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Welcome banner yellowHi, my mane is Elke, welcome to my website.

In today’s article, I’ll provide 10 affiliate marketing tips for your business.

Let’s get right into it…

Almost everyone who has a website wants to be successful.

The only problem is that not everyone needs a brand or is a newbie.

If this, is you this article is for you?

I will give you 10 tips to get your Affiliate Marketing Business noticed on Google.

How to be a success with Affiliate Marketing?

I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for a while now.

I have 3 websites I write for this keeps we very busy, but I love what I do.

It was not always an easy journey and I have failed numerous times.

You have to learn from your failures and not give up just keep on writing.

Some people stop and give up when they fail but this is just what you don’t do.

You keep on going and eventually you will succeed.

Here are my 10 Tips to become a successful Affiliate Marketer

1. Love what you do

Love what you do

I always see this as tip number one.

You will not be successful if you do not enjoy what you do.

If you are just in it for the money you are no different than an employee.

You will be bored out of your wits, and you will hate what you are doing.

Affiliate marketing success requires passion.

Otherwise, you will not come up with new ideas which is vital to be a success.

2. Learn to take baby steps

Learn to take baby steps

Want to make $5000 dollars the first month? Back Up.

There is no magic money-making software out there anywhere.

Want to make $5000 a month you have to make $1 first that’s the hardest part.

Then your aim is turning $1 into $10 and so on…

It is a learning process and takes time.

You cannot expect money come from nowhere you have to work for it.

It is an art.

You have to understand your customer behavior and need to know what they want.

You have to do a lot of testing different approaches to find out what works best.

It can take weeks to month depending on how fast you learn and pick up things.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

3. Learning from others

Learning from others

This is another important step to success.

Learn from those who have been in the industry a long time.

Read their articles, see where they publish their articles, and how they write their articles.

Try finding a mentor, I leaned Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate.

You may register for free and acquire a website and domain name.

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There are so many options to get knowledge some free some paid.

You can also get valuable information about Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.

I always listen to great YouTube clips about Affiliate Marketing and how to get income.

You can also join Facebook groups relating to Affiliate Marketing to learn from others.

Forums and Skype groups are also an option to get information and learn.

Attending an Affiliate Marketing Event

Pro Tip

A drunk Super Affiliate is your best friend.

Resource: Announcing Cool Ideas – Marketing Business Review

4. Research the product you’re advertising

Research the product you're advertising

Never promote anything you have no idea about.

Always do research about the product you are selling so you can answer customers questions.

Find out the Pros and Cons about the product.

Find out why your product is better than the competitor’s product.

Check out the market and find out why customers should buy from you.

Describe your product’s features and why it’s superior to the competition.

5. Consistency


As mentioned before never let failure get you down or hinder your progress.

Failure makes you a success.

Instead of giving up get up dust yourself of and keep on going.

Determine where you did wrong and continue to rectify yourself.

If you are consistence, you will figure it all and be a success.

If you don’t get up after failing, you will be left behind.

6. Planning


This is another important point you have to have a plan.

When promoting an offer/product think the point of view of the product owner.

Consider what you would do if you owned the offer/product.

Since I was at school I loved to write.

I still love to write after all those years.

Having a plan will give you clarity on what you want to do and how you want to achieve it.

I used to plan how to make a product, advertise it, and the cost.

It was fun at school, and I am still doing it in my Affiliate Marketing Business now.

All those ideas were trashed, but I’m employing my expertise now.

Resource: Exciting Affiliate Marketing Opportunities Now

7. Building a Strong Reputation in Your Niche

Building a Strong Reputation in Your Niche

Affiliate Marketing is not as simple as it was before.

Nowadays, it’s more advanced, sophisticated, and profitable.

It is best to build funnels and companies instead just a one-page campaign.

Build things that have value in this way your work will stand out from the rest.

Stick to one niche and master it.

This is very important now and it builds trust with you customers.

Customers will come back to your site because they get to know you and your work.

8. Never too late to start

Never too late to start

Lots have said “Affiliate Marketing is dead.”

I have heard that since I myself got into Affiliate Marketing.

It will never be dead as technology rises.

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is dead for those how try to use shortcuts.

The shortcut approach never lasts long.

Affiliate Marketing if very profitable for dose who do it right.

I say that Affiliate Marketing is the Future.

Only adopt new techniques and technologies.

Try new advertising platforms, techniques to target your audience, and marketing approaches.

Affiliate marketing is constantly changing, so you must adapt quickly.

Resource: Niche Marketing Kit Free Video

9. Build a Team

Build a Team

Day by day working alone is getting harder and harder.

I do experience this in my own business with three websites to write for.

You may consider teaming up with other mind like people and have a small company.

There are many reasons for that.

Having others share your workload you can enjoy your life and still earn.

Also, with 3 – 4 people working on one campaign will bring more ideas.

The result is better articles and more income in the long run.

This is a better result.

10. Stay Active

Stay Active

In all honesty this is the biggest challenge you will face.

To become a success, you will have to stay active.

To stay active, you will have to keep fresh and clear mind.

Regular exercise, rest, a good relationship, food, and attitude toward life are essential.

Affiliate marketers may seem lazy, but this isn’t good for your business or social life.

Affiliate marketing requires inventiveness, which is impossible when lazy or exhausted.

I still face such challenges.

Even if I work for 2 or 3 hours with a clear brain, the results are superior.

Lesson learned:

Start working when you’re motivated, energetic, and have a clear head.


Now that you know how to succeed in affiliate marketing dive in!

It’s complete with money-making chances; if you follow these instructions, you’ll succeed.

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I wish you best of Luck Keep going even when it gets hard.Good Luck Rainbow

Till Next Time


4 Responses

  1. Anybody wanting to start with affiliate marketing, will find this post with these 10 tips very helpful. I have been involved with affiliate marketing now for nearly three years and I also hear people saying affiliate marketing is dead. But it is not the case.

    Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of earning money online, and is thriving in the current conditions where more and more people are shopping online. Wishing you success in your affiliate marketing journey and thank you for sharing your tips. 

    1. Thank you for your comment, Line,

      I am glad that you liked my 10 tips and I agree with you Affiliate Marketing is not dead. Affiliate Marketing is actually the Future especially now that everyone is buying online.

      You can make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing if you do it right. 

      Thanks again 


  2. I am also in the online affiliate marketing field for the past 5 years and today I am the owner of 4 successful websites. According to my experience choosing your niche, doing proper research, and staying active are some of the most important factors in order to succeed in this field. You should choose a narrow niche so that you can set authority on that topic easily and you must do proper research on the product or topic before starting your article. Most importantly, you must keep posting without thinking about the returns, your main motive must be to gain the trust of your readers, once it is done, then there is no looking back.

    1. Thank you for your comment ,Hari,

      You have touched some important points in your comment and I agree with all you have written.

      Thank you again for your getting back to me


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