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Elke Robins | 23 April 2022 Welcome Message

Welcome all to my website nice to have here my name is Elke.

Today we are going to explore Affiliate Marketing Cool Ideas Find out Today – Review

Thousands of publications profit daily from affiliate programmes by collaborating with other businesses.

Affiliate marketing is a great strategy to monetise your site if you don’t sell anything.

Join an affiliate programme to get exclusive access to new content and deals.

Affiliate programmes include online courses, website builders, marketing, and business affiliates.

To make money from your work, we’ll look at the best affiliate programmes.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Firstly, what is an affiliate programme?

A business or influencer (‘the affiliate’) receives a commission for referring traffic and/or sales.

A product integration or online content may do this.

Consider an example to better grasp affiliate programmes.

Wirecutter LogoWirecutter.com, a New York Times business, provides product suggestions.

Wirecutter makes most of its money via store affiliate connections.

The publication’s affiliate revenue strategy may make you distrust its suggestions, but it isn’t.

Wirecutter only gets paid when reader buys a product and keeps it.

It is not motivated to market substandard items.

They’d lose money and readers if they did.

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How do affiliates profit?

The affiliate receives a unique link (an “affiliate link”) that tracks clicks using cookies.

The cookie then records the user’s purchases.

If they do so within a specific time frame, the affiliate earns a commission.

“Cookie life” refers to how long a cookie will follow a user’s online activities.

Payout requires a purchase within 30 days of visiting your affiliate link.

If you want to build an affiliate programme, choose one that matches your business.

Next, let’s look at affiliate programme kinds.

Affiliate Program Types

You may use a few affiliate networks for marketing your goods or services.

When choosing an affiliate programme, consider your target demographic’s habits.

For example, does your buyer persona utilise blogs, Facebook, or search engines to study new products?Facebook Logo

A coupon site link would be appreciated by your buyer persona.

You may promote on a review site if they want to do their study before purchasing.

Meanwhile, here are some general affiliate programme types to assist you develop your own campaigns:

Affiliates Advertise On…

Advertise on search results or other online advertising platforms like Facebook.

If your partner fits search and advertising requirements, A/B testing may be beneficial.

The Power of Bloggers

Consult notable bloggers or social media users who routinely interact with your target demographic.

Get in front of food bloggers and YouTubers who suggest your product.

If your target audience visits your website and likes what you offer, the influencer earns more.


e-ReviewsIf your product or service is pricey or specialised, most of your customers will need to investigate it.

You should look into the best review sites for your product or service.

Incorporate an affiliate link to your product or service inside the essay’s content.


Consider working with a discount site to promote a new product or service.

If nothing else, it may inspire new clients to visit your website and become brand ambassadors.

Email Promo

Small dosages are preferable.

You don’t want partners sending mass emails to disinterested consumers, but it may work.

Email PromoMarketing businesses might provide design clients links to your site if you supply design tools.

This might help its clients develop better content while offering agencies another revenue stream.

Join an affiliate programme to earn money as a blogger or small business owner.

Listed below are the top affiliate programmes in your business.

The examples below might help you create an affiliate programme.

You’ll also learn how much to compensate your partners and affiliates.

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Cool Affiliate Network Ideas

1. HubSpot

2. Elementor

3. AWeber

4. Sendinblue’s

5. ConvertKit

6. GetResponse

7. Fiverr

8. Pabbly

9. Unbounce

10. Continuity

11. Systeme.io

12. Typeform

13. Outgrow

14. Thinkific

15. Kajabi

16. Teachable

17. iSpring

18. Shopify

19. Leadpages

20. Wix

21. WP Engine

22. Kinsta

23. Bluehost

24. HostGator

25. GreenGeeks

26. Amazon

Do not have time to go over them all?

This list is broken into sections:

Let’s begin.

Cool Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. HubSpot

HubSpot affiliate programme:

Profit margins of 15 percent recurring or 100 percent of the first month’s revenue

A 90-day cookie

15% recurring or 100% of the first month’s income

HubSpot URL Shortener pageHubSpot’s aim is to help businesses grow.

Businesses can manage the customer experience from awareness to advocacy with HubSpot’s award-winning CRM solution.

Associate fees range from 15% annually to a 100% first-month flat fee.

Plans start at $50 a month and can cost as much as $3,000 or more.

Customers often purchase a large number of things at the same time.

As a result, the payments may accumulate.

You may use example videos, banners, and text samples from HubSpot’s affiliate network.

Plus, you may develop a personal relationship with the HubSpot affiliate team.

For those who seek to monetise their content or have a large corporate audience.

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2. Eliminator

Eliminator homepage50% per sale

45-day cookie life

More than 7% of all websites utilise Eliminator a dynamic drag-and-drop website builder.

A WordPress website may be built using Elementor without writing a single line of code.

Unlike other WordPress website builders, Elementor now supports cloud hosting.

100,000 web designers and developers discuss ideas, arrange events, and support one other.

Affiliates receive 50% of each sale.

The programme is priced from $49 to $999 per year.

This wide range of price categories allows affiliates to target specific demographics more effectively.

With affiliates earning upwards of $10,000 per month, Eliminator is a viable choice.

3. AWeber

AWeber affiliate marketing programme

30% recurring

1-year cookie life

Since 1998, over a million companies and entrepreneurs have chosen AWeber.

Use it for newsletters and drip marketing.AWeber login page

AWeber affiliates have the potential to earn a substantial amount of money in two ways:

Their internal programme offers a lifetime 30 percent commission to all participants.

These plans usually pay out between $20 and $150 each month.

Alternatively, CJ Affiliate pays up to $300 per account.

However, the cookie life is just 45 days instead of a year.

4. Sendinblue’s

Sendinblue’s affiliate programme

Commission: €5 for a free account + €100 for a subscription

A 90-day cookie

Sendinblue LogoIn addition to email marketing, Sendinblue’s also offers SMS, chat, marketing automation and CRM services.

This easy-to-use programme has over 175,000 users globally.

The affiliate programme has two tracks:

agencies and bloggers.

Sendinblue’s low-cost and free pricing models appeal to email marketers and bloggers.

Sign up with WPBeginner, Capterra, CodeinWP and other well-known affiliates.

All Americans are welcome, and your commission will be converted at payout time.

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5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

30% recurring

30 days for cookies


An upstart in email marketing, ConvertKit helps businesses grow via landing pages, forms, and drip campaigns.ConvertKit Logo

ConvertKit’s affiliate programme users who believe their audience will benefit from email marketing goods should apply.

Every paying client or webinar subscription introduced earns a lifetime 30% commission.

The potential income ranges from $29 per month to $2,000+, and participation is completely free.

However, the programme does not give any special offers or discounts for the affiliate’s products.

6. GetResponse

Get a response: most outstanding affiliate programme

Commission: $100 per sale or 33% of recurring subscriptions

120-day cookie

GetResponseGetResponse also provides landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, a CRM, and other marketing automation tools.

Like AWeber, GetResponse offers two affiliate programmes (or both!)

Their self-hosted programme pays 33% recurring.

A monthly plan might cost anything from $15 to $1200.

You may also earn $135 per sale with CJ Affiliate.

The cookie life is 30 days instead of 120 days in the in-house programme.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr’s affiliate programme

Fiverr CPA: $15-50, Fiverr Hybrid: $10 CPA + 10% RevShare, or 30% Order your life

24 hr cookie lifeFiverr

This digital marketplace for marketing and IT services may be advertised on your website or blog.

Courses for freelancers and businesses looking to expand their skills.

Fiver your company’s blog. Find out whether you have marketing, design, or IT clients.

Affiliates may use the site’s dashboard to manage and monitor campaigns and marketing materials.

Of course, commission differs per service. See their whole range here.

8. Pabbly

pebbly affiliate programme

30% recurring

24 hr cookie life

Pabbly LogoApp integration and email marketing with Pabbly.

The most popular bundle is Pabbly Plus, which includes all Pabbly apps.

Their affiliate programme offers:

You may promote any or all of their things for a 30% commision in 40 days.

They use a single cookie to monitor all product sales.

You will receive a percentage on any purchases made via your affiliate link.

This saves you from recommending each product to your audience independently.

A single Pabbly sale may get you a minimum of $183 commission.

They also provide a single dashboard for monitoring sales, referrals, and prizes.

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9. Unbound

Unbounce affiliate programme

Referral bonus: 20% of recurring income per client

A 90-day cookie

For SaaS enterprises, eCommerce sites, and agencies to develop high-converting landing pages.Unbounce Logo

Unbounce’s affiliate programme is remarkable, paying out 20% of recurring income for each client you suggest.

Your site visitors or social media followers get 20% off the first three months of Unbounce.

Unbounce’s affiliate network provides a Partner coach, a customised dashboard, and marketing resources.

This relationship might benefit both parties if you’re a marketer looking to enhance landing page conversions.

10. CC (Constant Contact)

the most outstanding affiliate marketing programme

Commission: $5 for a free trial and $105 for a paid account.

Time to expire:

Simple email marketing for small companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.Constant Contact Logo

Clients may also automate email campaigns, target new eCommerce customers, and track sales.

Affiliates get $5 for eligible leads and $105 when they become clients.

You’ll also get marketing materials, a monitoring dashboard, and specialised assistance to help you achieve.

Significant businesses like Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify employ Constant Contact.

You may use this partnership to see whether email marketing will help your consumers or prospects.

11. Systeme.io

io landing page

40% recurring

180 Day Cookie Life

Systeme.io is a marketing tool for internet businesses.

Systeme.io LogoWith Systeme.io, you can create websites, affiliate programmes, online courses, and automate practically any business process.

Systeme.io has 6 price tiers ranging from $27/month to $828/year.

They provide different lead magnets and online courses to help affiliates generate more leads.

Affiliates may promote all 6 price levels and onboarding materials.

To learn more about Systeme.io, go here.

Also, if their referrals effectively market the platform, they receive 5% second-tier commissions.

In all, this affiliate programme has earned over $2,000,000 in affiliate commissions.

12. Typeform

Typeform affiliate programme

20% recurring

In all, this affiliate programme has earned over $2,000,000 in affiliate commissions.

You may earn up to 20% of a recommended customer’s Typeform membership.

The service is reasonably priced, making it simple for your recommendations to buy.

You would earn $580 per month if you referred 100 consumers to the monthly basic plan.

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13. Programs Expire

20% upfront, 20% recurring

24 hr cookie life

Expired Logo

This interactive content creator enables marketers to produce customised content like calculators, polls, and surveys.

Consumption-driven interactive content increases conversion rates, leads to lead segmentation, and remarketing.

To learn more about how to become an Outgrow affiliate, visit outgrow.com/affiliates.

E-learning affiliate programmes

14. Thinkific

Thinkific’s affiliate programme

30% recurring

A 90-day cookie

Share your expertise, expand your following, and scale your company with Thinkific’s powerful all-in-one platform.

The platform allows users to brand and sell online courses and membership sites.

Your audience is a good fit for Thinkific’s affiliate programme if it includes:

Shareable content developers.

Entrepreneurs who wish to design courses for clients.

Entrepreneurs seeking new income sources

In addition, you will get ready-to-post creative and promotional material.

Thinkific affiliates may earn up to $1,700 per year.

15. Kajabi

Kajabi affiliate programme

30% recurring

24 hr cookie life

Kajabi LogoCreate online courses, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and websites with ease with Kajabi.

Only Kajabi users may join the Kajabi Partner Program.

After the trial period, you’ll earn 30% lifetime commission on each new Kajabi member you suggest.

Plus, as you advance, you’ll get unique gifts. Each level offers exclusive Kajabi Partner perks.

16. Teachable

Teachable affiliate marketing

30 per cent recurring, plus monthly incentives up to 50 per cent commission

A 90-day cookie

Online course creator Teachable.

Teachable is a well-known e-learning platform with over 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses.

A big plus is Pat Flynn’s endorsement.Teachable Logo

Teachable covers topics ranging from Facebook advertisements to cake baking methods.

Teachable affiliate programme pays a 30% monthly membership price revenue.

Plans range from $29 to $499 per month, earning you $150 for each sale.

17. iSpring

spring affiliate programme

10% per sale

A 90-day cookie

For more information on iSpring, visit www.ispring.com.

Intuitive online courses, quizzes, video tutorials, role-play, and eBooks may be created using the iSpring Suite.

iSpring LogoiSpring Suite is an easy-to-use PowerPoint add-in that meets all learning requirements.

That’s why it’s so popular with everyone, from university professors to business instructional designers.

ISpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max are included in the affiliate programme.

In this way, if you provide 10+ customers, you may earn $77-$97 each transaction.

You will be paid quarterly.

Best Website Builder Affiliate Programs

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18. Shopify

Shopify affiliate programme

200 per cent commission after 2 months of the active subscription

24 hr cookie life

Shopify has approximately 2 million merchants globally, making it a market leader in drop-shipping.

Shopify provides website builders, shopping carts, web hosting and store management tools, analytics, payment processing, etc.Shopify

Shopify’s affiliate programme may be suitable for your e-commerce-obsessed audience.

Affiliates earn up to $2,400 on monthly subscriptions.

Also, when a referral joins up for Shopify Plus, you make a $2,000 bonus.

You receive priority support and free Shopify content for your own business.

It’s completely free to join.

The main drawback is that affiliates must sell products online and need a solid e-commerce infrastructure.

19. Leadpages

leadpages affiliate programme

Up to 50% commission

24 hr cookie life

Leadpages allows you to create easy landing pages that collect data and enhance conversion rates.

Leadpages LogoThis promotion is just for Leadpages customers.

Each paying client introduced earns a 30% lifetime commission.

Monthly dues vary from $25 to $200.

You may win $5,000 if you sell 10 or more Leadpages by a certain date.

Members receive banners, sidebar graphics and social network connections.

Instead of a product page, link to a content page (like a blog post or video).

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20. Wix

Affiliate programmes: Wix

$100 per Premium sale

24 hr cookie life

Wix may be for you if you want infinite profits with minimum work.

You may earn $100 every Premium referral (if you suggest 10 individuals, you receive $1,000).Wix Logo

In all languages, Wix also offers connections and creatives, such as banners and landing pages.

$300 monthly incentive buy.

If you make less, your earnings will stay in your account until you reach that benchmark.

For more information on how to provide this programme to your visitors, please contact us.

Still, you should rethink if you can’t make the minimum sales goal for a long.

Affiliate Programs for Hosting

21. WP Engine

WP engine affiliate programme

$200+ per signup

Time to expire: 180

WP Engine on Laptop and Mobile

About 40% of websites are developed on WordPress.

WP Engine hosts thousands of WordPress sites globally.

That network’s WP Engine affiliate programme.

Promote WP Engine plans and earn $200 each signup or 100% of the first monthly payment.

Exclusive affiliate savings for your audience.

Promote StudioPress themes and get 35% of purchases. These purchases are tracked for 60 days.

WP Engine’s affiliate programme is two-tiered, rewarding you for referring both customers and affiliates.

You gain $50 for each referral.

Determining who wants to develop a new WordPress website may be tough.

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22. Kinsta

Kinsta affiliate programme

Up to $500 per referral + 10% recurring

Cookie life: 60

Kinsta LogoKinsta was founded in 2013 by WordPress experts to “deliver the world’s top WordPress hosting platform.”

Kinsta’s affiliate programme gives an upfront commission and a monthly commission of 10%.

Affiliates may earn up to $500 based on the referral’s plan:

With a 95% client retention rate, your recommendations will have a high lifetime value.

23. Bluehost

Bluehost affiliate programmes

$65 per sale

45-day cookie life

Bluehost’s affiliate programme is fantastic for anybody trying to monetise their blog or website.

You may earn between $65 and $130 each transaction by promoting Bluehost on blogs or websites.

It’s free and they track every lead you provide them.

Bluehost also has affiliate managers that may help or advise.

24. HostGator

Affiliate programmes: HostGator

$65 – $125 per signup

Cookie life: 60

HostGator Login PanelHostGator’s basic plan is just $3.84/month, making it an affordable solution for small businesses or start-ups.

If you send HostGator 1-5 registrations every month, you may earn up to $125 per signup.

Use tracking links or a coupon code.

Try HostGator risk-free for 45 days.

25. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks affiliate programme

$50 for one sale; $100 for six sales

24 hr cookie life

Eco-friendly, secure web hosting platform GreenGeeks pays up to $100 for each transaction.

They pay $50 for one sale and $100 for six or more.

Your website or blog will be thrilled with the company’s link or banner.

Your readers may be curious in web hosting services (for example, if you write for freelancers).

That way you may feel good about sending a lovely “green message” to your website’s visitors.

Affiliate Programs for Retail

Disclaimer: Buy cheap, save money. Less commitment = simpler sale = better conversion and return.

26. Amazon

Amazon affiliate programmes: 1-10% (depending on the product category)

Cookie life: 24h

Amazon is a popular online retailer, so you’re sure to find what you need there.

Amazon Associates earn between 1% and 10% based on the product category.Amazon

Advertising clothing and high-end cosmetics earns you a 10% discount.

Working with Amazon has several benefits, including customer familiarity and trust.

In the Christmas season, the company’s conversion rates spike.

And the wide range of products makes it suitable for most organisations.

You may market cat snacks or dog toys if you write about animals.

It’s possible that you’ll wish to propose jumper cables in the case of autos.

You also get a commission if someone clicks on your link and buys something else.

The main drawback is that specific categories, including video games and electronics, have minimal commissions.

This is a social media influencer extension of the Amazon Associates programme.

You get the same benefits plus your own Amazon website with a unique URL.

You must currently have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

Amazon evaluates your social media profiles’ engagement data to determine your eligibility for the programme.

I have covered quite a few Affiliate Networks for you to chose from.

Final Words

Not all Platforms may suite you some you may know already.

Take your time reading the information and decide what best suits you.

I hope Affiliate Marketing Cool Ideas Find out Today – Review was of help to you.

Please Leave all questions and comments below.

Good Luck Good Luck Pick

Bye for Now

Till next time