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Welcome How to find Cool IdeasWelcome to my website, my name is Elke.

In this article I will cover How to find Cool Ideas for your First Affiliate Website Now.

Starting an affiliate marketing website is a terrific method to earn money online.

Making an affiliate website is simple, and the profits may be substantial.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create your first affiliate marketing website: 

Let’s go!

Your First Affiliate Website

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What Will, Your Website, Be About? 

The first thing to consider isn’t hosting, domain names, or website software.

Of course, all of it significant, but first you must decide on your website’s theme.Make Ideas Happen

Because you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need be careful.

For example, creating a website to aid local homeless people can make you happy.

However, it is quite improbable that one will make money via affiliate marketing.

Niching down facilitates: 

You don’t have to appeal to a broad range of hobbies and pain concerns.

Just like you’re inside their thoughts.

Getting enormous traction rapidly

Firstly, it’s a little too broad.

Fitness nicheIf you’re trying to get in shape, you’ll say so.

Hard to design a site that targets so many people.

You must realise that there are sub-niches inside niches (otherwise known as sub-niches).

Targeting these tiny groups is cheaper and more straightforward than a more significant niche.

Resource: How to Find Your Profitable Blogging Niche for your Website

For example, the fitness niche may be divided into: 

You push it? 

Sure. Consider the Cardio niche.

You have several cardio options: 

Focusing on a specialisation may help you target individuals.

For example, you might design a webpage on fitness rowing.

A weight loss rowing theme would provide you some lateral mobility to subjects like eating.

But a caution… Don’t choose to narrow a speciality.

For example, postmenopausal women rowing in Australia is a niche that will never be filled.

Assure of Future Affiliate Possibilities 

Make sure the topic you choose provides affiliate potential.

Consider your niche’s audience

niche's audienceIf you can’t think of four or five items they’d like, look into other categories.

Join affiliate networks or hunt for stuff to review to truly test the waters.

Then, be sure that promoting them online is a good investment.

An Affiliate Website Is Created (Step-by-Step) 

It is time for you to get started on developing your own website.

Resource: The Most Powerful All-in-One SEO Tool Suite – Free Video presentation

Let us take note of the following details about your needs:

Don’t worry about the IT things.

Hosting firms now give one-click installations for many of the moving elements.

They aim to make tech EASIER for you.

They want to make the procedure easier so more individuals can build websites.

So, you can be confident you’re ready.

A Domain Name 

Choosing a name for your website should be easy now that you’ve chosen a speciality.Domain Name

Perform the necessary research and decide what course of action to take.

Do it immediately before buying your name and hosting.

A domain is just a means for people to access your website.

Instead of inputting an IP address (123.234.432.321), visitors type your domain name, such janesrowingsite.com.

It’s merely a shortcut.

It’s like your home’s address. The domain identifies your website (home).

A Web Host Is… 

How is a web host different from a domain name?

I Your web host is your domain name’s address.

You rent space on a server, which is a supercomputer. You develop your website there.

Resource: Free Domain Name and Web-hosting (WordPress) No Credit Card Needed

What is CMS? 

To create a website in the 1990s and early 2000s, you had to understand HTML.

This specific language informs your browser on how to view a webpage.

Now we have CMS (CMS). A CMS is an application that does your HTML coding.

It stores all your articles and pages.

Visitors to your website’s page like: 

Example – How to Lose Weight Without Dieting can it be done? (Yes, Really)

The CMS will collect and display the “Best Rowing Machines for Losing Weight” page.

WordPress is the most popular CMS.

WordPress powers 59.7% of the internet.

The remainder is made up of bespoke sites and other CMS systems.

WordPress.This guide recommends WordPress.

It’s simpler to locate someone who knows how to update WordPress sites than other CMSs.

Due to its popularity, it is also easy to find WordPress developers.

Choosing Your Domain Name and Web Host 

I strongly suggest these domain name registrars and web hosting.

Yes, these are affiliate links, so we will get rewarded if you sign up with them.

iMotion Host 

InMotion Hosting is a scalable hosting platform. InMotion also offers VPS and dedicated hosting.

They provide a 90-day money-back guarantee and 100% US tech support.

The cost is reasonable, beginning at $2.49 each month.

Bluehost home page 

WordPress installation for over 2 million websites using Bluehost (significant for de-complicating the whole thing).

It was also cheap. The hosting costs less than $50 per year.

Bluehost WordPress Setup 

Bluehost offers one-click installation.

You may register by clicking this link, and the colossal green Get Started Now button. Bluehost

Next, choose a domain name: 

In Bluehost, a domain name

This bargain includes free domain registration, so take advantage of it.

You may also utilise Namecheap.com’s domain name search engine.

Just enter in your domain name suggestion and see what comes up.

Your name will be more likely to be available if it is unique.

To get started, please provide your contact and billing information in the appropriate fields.

Resources: Websites for Affiliate Marketing – Insides 

Create a Bluehost account 

Your account is ready after you pay and choose a password. Then comes the installation procedure.

Bluehost setup 

Bluehost’s wizard really lands you into WordPress’ backend:

Bluehost guru 

Now hit Launch to start your site: 

Bluehost site launch 

Choose a name and site description (these may be altered later in WordPress’ Settings > General): 

Bluehost options 

If you need to re-login to WordPress, go here: 

BlueHost WordPress login 

It’s easy to get started using Bluehost’s fantastic onboarding video series on YouTube.

You may use those videos to change your site’s appearance, add plugins, etc.

See it below

If you require tech help while building your site, we offer WP Tech Support.

The highly trained professionals there are ready 24/7 to assist you with any issues.

The Thirsty Affiliates Plugin 

We only propose one other plugin.

Now that you have WordPress installed, you need to instal a link to Cloaker.

The following is an example of an ugly affiliate link that may be generated using this tool:

http://www.bluehost.com/track/codemyow/wordpress (our Bluehost affiliate link)

To beautiful links that your visitors will click. So, where does this link go? 

Bluehost's home page.Then to Bluehost’s home page.

Link cloaking.

More info on link cloaking here.

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Unaffiliated links are more likely to be clicked than affiliate links.

Due to unsightly numbers and comprehensive information in most affiliate links.

This is required for tracking but scares users.

Making a link seem to lead to anything on your website increases perceived trust.

A solution

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A few hundred pages may cause a major headache!

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Knowing which affiliate links are genuinely working with your audience is critical to improving link success.

Installing ThirstyAffiliates 

Installing the ThirstyAffiliates plugin is simple: 

Visit Install Now, then Activate the thirsty affiliates plugin.

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Content Planning 

To design your content strategy, you must first grasp and apply a few ideas.

A/B testing 

visitor funnels.Let’s speak about visitor funnels.

A marketing funnel cuts a vast number of visitors to those who will act.

A solution for managing affiliate marketing links, ThirstyAffiliates may be found here.

Your visitor’s purpose is critical as a customer.

Nobody is equal. Y

our site’s visitors may be in different stages of their career.

Using our prior weight loss website as an example, you may get:

Just learning about rowing as a weight loss workout.

Looking for a better rowing machine? 

Despite being in the same niche, the goals of each group at each level vary.

Consider this when you lay out your strategy for writing.

Your affiliate website material should be tailored to the needs of your visitors.

Ideas for Goal-Oriented Content 

Purpose analysis is a wonderful way to generate content ideas.

So, for example, “shopping for their first rowing machine.”

You might offer a variety of materials to entice customers looking to buy their first rowing machine.

Resource: Online Business Ideas Low Investment High Return

Immediately, I think of: 

Creating a list of five to ten articles per degree of expertise may be overkill.

In the absence of a sales funnel, focusing on website traffic is futile.

Put ads on your site and you can get a sale or a few cash.

On the other hand, you’ll never reach runaway success if you don’t have a funnel.

The Funnel 

Now that we have article ideas for one of our visitor intentions, we can build the funnel.

UnmotivatedUnmotivated customers are guided via a funnel.

Knowing the visitor’s goal also helps you match the right offer to the right funnel.

It’s all about presenting the right offer at the appropriate moment.

To accomplish so, you need numerous funnels. One per verified visitor intent.

The first step is to attract visitors. That’s the top of your funnel.

The next step is to get them to join your email list. “funnel bait”


Your funnel may include a simple PDF instruction, checklist, spreadsheet, or free software.

The more enticing the bait is, the greater the number of people who will participate.

For example, someone looking for their first rowing machine would be thrilled if you offered:

Buy Your First Rowing Machine: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

It compares a few popular manufacturers and discusses the various rowing machines.

If someone wants to purchase today, this funnel bait may result in a sale.

How to Fill Your Funnel 

You’ve added them to your mailing list to qualify the visitor’s purpose.

Now it’s time to move them up the funnel and close the deal.

Isn’t it better if there are more people?

Old-school marketing is to blame for this misconception.

Not everyone is a target.

It is not an issue if just a few people join your email list.

You want and need individuals who are ready to act.

Qualifying visitors to ensure you’re talking to the appropriate folks in sales 101.

Non-qualified leads waste time.

Autoresponder Use 

Set up an autoresponder to move customers through your funnel. Autoresponder Use

An autoresponder is a sequence of emails sent to your subscribers (usually a couple of weeks).

Send three to eight emails once they download your item.

These emails should discuss the goal and end with an offer (or even multiple offers).

In our rowing example, we offered them a detailed buyer’s guide.

So, after a few days, they should be ready to act.

For these folks, here’s a sample autoresponder sequence:

Why I picked the ABC Rowing Machine 

These rowing machines ship free (limited time only)

My assessment of the best beginning rowing machine in 2022

So you want to mix personal stories, free resources, and offers?

This will help you generate affiliate sales.

Recycle Your Content Plan 

RecycleThere you have it, a whole content planning technique.

It boils down to two points:

Visitor purpose drives everything. Profit from funnels.

Next steps: 

Recognize the audience’s motive (visitor intent)

Identify 5–10 content pieces for each visitor’s purpose.

Create valuable content that people would gladly download for their email address.

Create an email campaign (autoresponder) that includes personal tales, free resources, and relevant affiliate offers.

What’s next? 

Keep feeding the machine if you’ve already created all your ideation material and visitor intent funnels.

Consider guest blogging and other marketing strategies.

Your objective now is to attract more visitors and push them into your site’s funnels.

Your funnels, if correctly developed, will handle the rest.

Resource: What is Affiliate Marketing about and How it Work?

Use This Tool to Set Up Your Autoresponders 

You’ve undoubtedly heard of notable names like Mailchimp, but I suggest AWeber.

Workflows in AWeber allow you to easily direct the flow of new subscribers.

So, if it works, transfer them to another and keep marketing to them.

Learn about AWeber email marketing automation here.


Learning how to build an affiliate website may be financially and personally beneficial.

You’ll learn a lot about your chosen specialisation and the individuals you serve.

You will get a significant amount of knowledge about the field as well as the tools.

You’ll also learn a lot about online business in general.

Have trouble creating an affiliate website? 

Comment and tell me about it I will answer all your questions you may have!

I hope How to find Cool Ideas for your First Affiliate Website Now was helpful.

Good Luck Good Luck

Till Next Time