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Welcome sign LogoWelcome to my website, my name is Elke.

Affiliate marketing is something I’ve been doing for a while, and I currently own three websites.

This keeps me very busy, but I enjoy sharing my knowledge with potential customers.

So, you can also live your dream with a lucrative Affiliate Marketing Business.

Let’s get right into it….

This post shows 7 ways to get money at any age.

You have to put a 100% into it you only get out what you put in.

And how it is possible.

I was looking for a second income because I am on a pension.

As I was listening to my audiobook one night the reader succeeded Wealthy Affiliate.

I was eager to find out what it was all about and had a look the next morning.

I was pleasantly surprised by what they offered.

They have a community of 1.4 million members who are always there to help you.

I took the online moneymaking opportunity.

Resource: Exciting Affiliate Marketing Opportunities Now

How much does it cost?

They offer a Free Account, and you can stay with the Free Account No Questions Asked.

Or you can go for the paid membership which is:

$0, $49 per month ($19 for the first month).

$359 per year if you choose to make annual payments instead of monthly ones.

Access to fundamental skills training is included with the Free Plan.

I joint after 3 days having a look and never regrated it.

I have learned so much I could have never learned on my own even though I tried for years.

My Long-term work has paid off.

After working with Wealthy Affiliate, I started diversifying here.

Wealthy Affiliate also has an Affiliate Program.

See charts below:

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Chart

Now I’m financially independent and make five times my pension.

I’m glad I made this change, and I’m writing this to help others.

I will also mention seven other income streams and I have one quick tip.

If you’re about to transition jobs, don’t leave too soon.

Resource: How much money can you make with Affiliate Marketing – Review

Build a raft

You’re on a ship. Your income is reliable.

You quit your job and say, “I’ll figure this out.”

Build a raftWithout payment, you’ll drown. Build a raft.

Do what I say in this article until you have a reliable income.

You’ll have a raft, even if it’s not your total salary.

You’ll have a foundation to build on.

You’ll have another ship for income.

Do these things after work until you can transition smoothly.

Hope you understand now.

Here are my seven passive income streams.

I recommend starting with the first.


Teespring is a print-on-demand platform for creating designs.

You can do this without paid software.

Apps help with the design.

You don’t need artistic talent.

You’re just making trendy designs for T-shirts, mugs, and clothing. Teespring Logo

And then Teespring.

A virtual listing is created.

Then buyers can come.

Teespring prints, ships, handles customer service, and deposits profits.

No start-up costs make this great for anyone.

You find ideas online, make them, and upload them to Teespring.

You can create five to 10 Teespring designs in an hour after work.

You’ll have 100-200-300 Teespring designs while working full time if you keep doing this.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a Free Domain Name and Free Webhosting with WordPress.

You can now promote Teespring designs on your website.

It will make money in the background without your intervention.

When you get home, you can check your Teespring account.

This helps build the raft.

Resource: The Latest Cool Business Ideas Now

After learning that Teespring allowed this, I looked further.

Where can I print on demand?


Amazon LogoMerch by Amazon became my second passive income stream.

Amazon is everywhere.

They’re print-on-demand.

Merch by Amazon is like Teespring.

Amazingly, it’s non-exclusive.

Merch by Amazon now accepts Teespring designs.

People searching Amazon for those designs will send you free traffic.

Amazon Products

You can also promote Amazon Products on your Free Website with Wealthy Affiliate.

I forgot to mention you can do that for Free on your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account.

You keep your website even if you don’t join Wealthy Affiliate.

Teespring may not be well-known.

Teespring was missed.

It was double the price on Amazon.

Again, you can start for free and keep adding designs.

These are two passive income streams, and you can do the same.

The third passive income stream follows.


Redbubble is like Teespring and Merch by Amazon.

Another print-on-demand company is Redbubble.


Redbubble accepts Teespring, Merch by Amazon designs.

Now you have three passive income streams using the same methods.

You can do this in your spare time.

But that’s a great way to have three passive income streams.

Passive Income Streams

After uploading the designs, you have three passive income streams.

There are other ways to market print-on-demand to increase sales.

Add these to your full-time job.

Let them market your designs after you upload them.

Or you can advertise all this on your Free Wealthy Affiliate website.

So, there are your first three to look at.

THIS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE once you start making money on print-on-demand on these three sites.

As a pensioner, you shouldn’t be making this much passive money to save for retirement.

I desired to share with others what it was that I had discovered.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

Wealthy Affiliate

I started this blog to teach others about Teespring and Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliates.

Those interested should find out about Wealthy Affiliate by Clicking Here.

I can help you with Wealthy Affiliate, you can find me inside Wealthy Affiliate.

My fourth online passive income stream is Udemy teaching.

Once you make your first Teespring shirt, it will motivate you because people will like it and find it helpful.

Seven income streams

I wasn’t sick and couldn’t write articles, so I also updated my websites.

Once all four where income streams are established, look for other ways to make money. Money online

Next, you can look at affiliate marketing as already mentioned above.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you create niche affiliate marketing websites to test.

I currently focus on three niches.

They are:



This one Cool-ideas-63.com

This keeps me very busy, but I do enjoy sharing with my prospective customers.


My sites are appearing on Google when someone searches my keyword in the Google search.

If you do this, your website will appear when people use search engines.

Google Chrome LogoNow they’re on your website, and you can find an answer on Google.

In your response, you can include affiliate links.

Relevant to their question.

You can add an affiliate link to something you’ve tried, trusted, and recommended.

So, when someone reads the article and thinks, “That product is perfect!”

They can click it and buy the product on Amazon, Clickbank or another affiliate network.

And then the website they purchased it from gives you a commission.

Your traffic will mostly come from Google.

They automatically visit your website.

If they like the product, they click on the article’s answer.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Now


Then you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell; focus on a niche.

Too broad.

No way.

I created niche affiliate marketing sites to test a few things.

I made blog posts to reach customers.Commission Logo

To test putting an affiliate offer in the post.

I’ve tried a lot of things that will confuse some people.

So, I’d review a product and include my affiliate link in the articles.

People could read articles and decide if they’re for them.

Those who like it can click the affiliate link.

I’ve used the above to see what customers want on my websites.

The sixth income stream

YouTube uses the same affiliate marketing concept as the niche website.

YouTube’s search engine is also excellent.

People type the same thing.

They’d Google questions and find video answers.

Just that. Google owns YouTube, which is fantastic.

Google pulls some YouTube results.

Seventh. I wanted to tie this one in with it.


Ebates LogoEbates Referral was the last one I discovered.

Many people reject this before I explain it.

Ebates is a computer plugin that gives you online coupons and cashback.

It saves cash. Referrals get your link.

It’s your Ebates referral link.

They instal the plugin, then buy $25 online. In a year?

They win if they save money and get cash back from the coupon.

You get $25 for referring someone who spends $25 on Ebates.

It’s easy and free.

Create an Ebates account and share it on Facebook with family and friends.

You can get 10 people for $250 quickly. You share a link.

Those who don’t have Ebates can download it for free.

After spending $25, they’ll get $10, and you’ll get $25.

Making money online is easy

Passive. You start with an extensive marketing burst and share it everywhere on Facebook. Facebook Logo

Then you wait until everyone has signed up.

You wait until they spend $25 online with Ebates to start converting.

Amazon is an Ebates partner, so they may spend $25 online in a month.

When they spend $25 on Amazon, that’s the conversion.

Ebates gives them $10 and you $25.

You do all the work upfront, then watch as they convert and collect your money.

So hopefully, that clarified my seven online income streams.

Resource: How to Affiliate Marketing – Cool Business Ideas Start Today

And some parting advice

Differ as many of these as possible.

Aim for seven.

The average millionaire has that many income streams, they say.

Regardless, seven is a good number.

Because a 9-to-5 job is your only source of income.

We overestimate its safety.

I was struggling to make ends meet.

Common. Someone, I know just lost their job after seven years.

The company you work for makes business decisions.

A company isn’t in the business of continually raising your salary.

They make money at the expense of their employees.

Remember this.

You can diversify once you start making money.

As many safeguards as you want.

Seven income streams.

Six more are available if one fails.

It gives you time to create the seventh elsewhere.

Or 8-9-10.

Depending on your determination, you can create as many income streams as you want.

You are free to build them any size you see fit…

Having online income streams lets you scale.

9-to-5 jobYou’re alone at your 9-to-5 job

You can only do so much and are paid hourly.

Scale online income streams.


Teespring, Merch, and Redbubble have 100, 500, or 1000 print-on-demand designs.

You can’t just sell one T-shirt to a co-worker.

Now there’s $500 on each item for people to buy.

When you scale, online income becomes powerful.

You’re financially independent, diversified, and can earn more than at a salary job.

Resource: Get More Trafic to your website

My last piece of adviceConclusion Logo

Build one at a time.

Don’t build print-on-demand, an affiliate site, and a YouTube channel at once.

Too much to consider.

Daylong energy is 100%. If you put 10% into 10 things, that’s 100%.

You won’t grow anything if you only invest 10%.

Focus on one thing at a time.

The order doesn’t matter.

Print-on-demand is recommended because it’s scalable and accessible.

Please put all your energy into one thing until you’re satisfied, then move on.

Leave your Questions and Comments Below and I will gladly answer them.

I wish you Good Luck on your Affiliate Marketing Journey.


good Luck clover

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  1. This is actually a great post. I’m very interested in posts like this. Because I like to try new things. In your post, I saw about wealthy affiliate. WA is what changed my life. I learned about affiliate marketing exactly from WA. I would recommend it to anyone. Also, I have not printed on-demand yet. I think that’s a good idea too. Thank you so much for continuing to post valuable posts like this.

    1. Thank you, Pasindu for your comment, 

      Yes, WA is great I also learned everything I know about Affiliate Marketing and setting up my website from them.

      They are so helpful and I love the support you get at WA.

      Thanks again


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