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What are some Cool Business ideas?

Updated on the 31 March 2022

Hi, Elke here. Today we will look at some Cool Business Ideas to generate an income.

Best Small Business Ideas:



It’s not always clear who you need to recruit for a position. There are builders, labourers, handymen, and more. So, which jobs call for the handyman?Hire a Handyman Picture

However, some talents need a trade licence, whereas handymen do not. What does a handyman do? What can they do for you?

What a handyman can accomplish:

It’s not always clear who you need to recruit for a position.

There are builders, labourers, handymen, and more. So, which jobs call for a handyman?

However, some talents need a trade licence, whereas handymen do not.

What does a handyman do?

What can they do for you?

A fixer is a person competent in a broad variety of repairs often around the home.

This employment might involve trade skills, home upkeep and repair.

Painting, drywall repair, domestic carpentry, sheetrock, crown moulding, and furniture assembly are examples of modest to significant activities.

Others may need assistance with more sophisticated activities or just lack the time to do so. Hire a local handyman and receive prices for projects.

Hiring a Tradesman Saves Money:

Hiring a handyman instead of many tradesmen may save you a lot of money. Pick Money Box

A handyman may be hired to provide repairs, maintenance, and installations both inside and outside the property.

Your needs may include furniture assembly, home painting and plumbing issues and you do not want to employ many tradespeople.

Rather than engaging many tradesmen to accomplish separate activities, one individual may execute all of these things quickly and efficiently.

Handymen (and women) love diversity and a challenge.

They may have a specialised for a trade licence, yet seek employment as a handyman since it enables them to do many chores.


Similarly, if you have a passion for crafting beautiful furniture or other home goods out of wood, that could be a small business niche for you.

Duties of woodworkers include:

Woodworkers work with timber and synthetic wood.

Most of today’s furniture, kitchen cabinets, and musical instruments are all mass-made.

Other items are created to order from architectural plans.

Modern woodworking is complex:

Skilled employees use automated technologies like CNC machines to maintain accuracy.

Many woodworkers use an assembly line, although others labour by hand.

Among the machines, woodworkers put up and maintain are saws, milling machines and drill presses.

Operators utilise a template, calliper, and rule to cut and shape wooden pieces.

Woodworkers combine the components using bolts and glue to make a unit.

They also fit glass, metal trimmings, electrical components, and stone speciality goods.

Finally, employees sand, stain, and, if required, varnish or lacquer the wood product.

Here are some examples of woodworkers:

 Cabinetmakers and bench carpenters create wood goods.

They often design and build bespoke cabinetry, sometimes even overseeing the installation.

Finishers repair and refinish damaged furniture.

Antiques may be restored or preserved by these workers.

They finish the product by staining, sealing, and top coating it.

Cut wood using band saws, circular saws, hacksaws, or other tools.

The smooth and shaped wood uses drill presses, lathes, sanders, and other woodworking tools.

Online Dating Consultant:

They assist folks in negotiating the problematic internet dating scene.

A dating adviser isn’t only about finding a marriage. Man and Woman Dating Site

They may be used for severe or informal purposes.

Consultants build beneficial connections that benefit communities.

Children of well-matched spouses tend to be more responsible members of society.


How much is the cost to set up an online dating consultancy firm?

Initially, costs might be modest. You won’t need anything else than a PC.

You may have an office or meet customers in a public place like a coffee shop.

A website with Squarespace costs $150 a year, while social networking sites are free.

To help spread the word, you may wish to spend some of your startup funds on social media advertising.

Facebook PPC advertisements may be costly based on location and competition.

Is it a niche market?

Dating consultants choose their own clients.

It’s common for busy professionals to misunderstand the rules or tactics of constructing a dating profile.

Most consultants then pick a specialisation that reflects their service area.

On the one hand, a young man in Denver seeks a wife and children, while an older man in NYC seeks a companion.

With your skills and desire, you can certainly build a customer base wherever you are.

Do internet dating consultants earn money?

Profits may be significant. Depending on your advertising budget, you might be generating up to 95% profit on your services.

Sewing and Alteration Specialist:

Why modifications experts are needed?

Skills in alterations and bespoke fitting are in high demand but in low supply.

The older generation with these talents is retiring.

They were hardly taught to the younger generations.

Because of this, competent tailors, seamstresses, and even machine operators are in limited supply.

Changes and repairs are in high demand for three reasons:

1. Online clothing.

We’ve all done it: ordered an excellent outfit online, only to discover that it doesn’t fit. Cloth Alteration

That means finding new clothing, which isn’t always affordable or straightforward.

It’s simpler to have an adjustment professional tailor the fit to your unique form.

2. Rebuild expenses

Quality clothing is an investment that pays well.

Our bodies change form over time, so what worked a few years ago may not work today.

Alterations would be far cheaper than replacements if we could still purchase them.

3. Clothing waste’s environmental effect

Every year, the typical Canadian discards 37kg of textiles.

Every year, North Americans discard 9.5 million tonnes of clothes that might be repurposed or recycled.

We as a country must limit this and maintain our natural resources.

Great employment and career prospects just for you :

Jobs for modification and repair professionals abound.

Jackson Sewing Academy teaches you the skills you need to work in the fashion and garment business, such as:

Retailers offering in-store modifications

The list goes on!

You’ve got a new home business:

Anybody looking for a flexible job at home might consider alterations and repairs.

Learn at your own speed with Jackson Sewing Academy:

Make money from your home workshop or hobby area.

This is a perfect business opportunity to start from home and there is a demand.

Freelance Developer

What do Freelance Developers Do?

Freelance web designers use coding and software design technologies to construct websites. Freelance web designers

They usually work on short-term projects for many customers.

Clients frequently provide creative briefs that specify the project’s style and substance.

A web developer is in charge of images, words, links, widgets, user interface, and user experience.

Freelance developers enjoy flexibility and work-life balance.

As a freelance web developer, you might:

Skills of a Freelance Web Designer:

Website creation is a new sector that requires specialised expertise.

Computer science and coding are complicated areas that need significant expertise.

Other talents, such as soft skills, might help freelance website developers in their work.

To get into this field of expertise you need to acquire certifications and need a portfolio of your previous work.

Once you are established it will be a lucrative business to generate an income.

Personal Trainer:

A personal trainer is a fitness specialist who educates and motivates clients to attain their fitness goals.Picture of a Personal Trainer

The service provides:

You can make appointments with a personal trainer directly.

How to become a Personal Trainer?

You have to get certified to become a personal trainer. The certification is listed below.

1. Fitness Certificate (SIS30315) For anyone who wishes to work at a gym or similar institution. Many new fitness coaches start off as gym instructors.

2. Fitness Certificate (SIS40215) For aspiring personal trainers.

From now until 2022, demand for fitness instructors is likely to expand.

Job opportunities are estimated at 23,000 now.

There is no better moment than 2022 for personal trainers, gym instructors, aerobic instructors, and fitness business proprietors.

You need to get work experience:

During your Certificate III or IV studies, you will be required to work at a gym or fitness establishment.

Vocational placement involves working as an assistant teacher at a gym or fitness establishment.

This provides essential industry experience, assistance from expert educators, and networking possibilities.

Gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, and other fitness facilities qualify as vocational placement sites.

Why is job experience necessary?

Work experience is crucial because:

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I have covered some Cool Business Ideas and I hope they were helpful.

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  1. Excellent article and the information is really precise. I was raised by my mother, who made me learn all these kind of handymen job since age 8. She always told me that was going to be a plus a would save me a lot of money in the future. How right she was! You are totally correct that handymen can save us a lot of money, either paying them, or like my case, being paid for it/avoiding to pay someone else.

    1. Thank You for your comment, Johnny,

      It is so good that you are a handyman yourself you save yourself a lot of money and can also generate an income for yourself by doing work for others.

      This skill will never go out of fashion because things always break down and need preparing.

      Thanks again


  2. Some cool ideas here for people wanting to think outside the box and start their own businesses, whether it be online or otherwise.

    Some of these ideas even appeal to me like the personal trainer on one side and the web developer on the other. I wish I had more time in my day to try some of these alternative careers out.

    However, all of these choices are going to take work and effort, especially in the beginning when you are starting up as you are going to have to prove yourself before you start getting people to refer you to others.

    1. Thank You for your comment Michel

      Yes, some of those Ideas take a bit of setting up at the beginning but once you are up and running there will be rewards.

      Some Businesses mentioned can be done from home which is a good idea especially now with the epidemic and more people are looking for businesses that can be started from home and run from home.

      Thanks again


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